Video Production

Create ~ Communicate ~ Engage

Creating high-quality videos that bring our clients’ visions to life.

Create. Communicate. Engage.

Our Video Production Team shares a passion to capture and create the highest-quality and most visually engaging projects for our clients that bring their visions to life.

With video and moving images having the power to connect you with a wider audience, showcase your brand and services, and increase awareness, we believe in understanding the vision of our clients to create videos that communicate and engage.

Our experienced team specialise in promotional videos for businesses, performance capture, music videos, educational presentations, documentaries, festival and event coverage, interview videos, and so much more.

Whatever your requirements, we can provide the best solution.

Some of Our Work

Dartmouth Regatta Coverage for Visit Dartmouth

Comissioned project to capture a week-long event of the Dartmouth Royal Regatta 176 and produce a showreel for Visit Dartmouth – this project was completed by both our film crew and aerial unit. 

Music & Promotional Videos for the BLK FXS

Comissioned project to film and produce several music videos and other promotional videos for the BLK FXS Band – these projects were completed by both our film crew and aerial unit.

Promotional Showcase for South Devon Holidays

Comissioned project to produce a promotional video for tourism business, South Devon Holidays, for use on social media and their website.



The process of creating great videos begins with meeting the friendly Focus Team, allowing us to understand the vision of our clients.


We then plan the best way to capture the footage needed for our Studio Team to create and produce the required final products.


Along this journey, we work closely with our clients to get the best from the capture process, including the use of innovative techniques to tell your story in the most engaging way possible.


Once acquisition is complete, our Studio Team invites our clients into the production process to work closely with our editors and review their work in their very own private ‘Focus Customer Lounge’.


When the project is finally approved for release, we arrange the secure delivery of the completed products ready for use for social media, website embedding and direct streaming.

Customer Lounges

Our Focus Customer Lounges are our personal invitation to our clients to work closely with our Studio Team during the production process to review their projects in a private viewing lounge.

An exclusive feature to our video production clients, our secure, password-protected lounges enable an efficient way to collaborate together on their projects.


Working with our clients is always a pleasure, and we’re always humbled to hear about their experience working with us.

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