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How We Help Aspiring Students

We believe in investing in young people by helping them develop their skills and creative visions within the Media Industry.

2023 placements available – invitation only

The Focus Training Academy

Originally created in 2018, the Focus Training Academy has been assisting aspiring students considering a career in the Media Industry whilst studying Media at the A-Level or Level 3 equivalent with valuable training and practical experience working in a commercial environment.

Students through their time at the Academy learn a wide range of practical and technical skills, both in a studio-based environment and on projects which take them into the field.

To give our students an extensive variety of options dependent on their passions in the industry, this exciting opportunity provides specialist skills in the following sectors of commercial work:

Studio Workflow,

File Management & Storage

Photo & Video

Editing Software

Photo & Video

Colour Correction

Video Image


Sound And

Audio Mixing

Website Creation

& Management

Extensive Range of

Commercial Photography

Product & Project

Export Formats

Secure File Transfer

Methods & Protocols

Video Streaming

& Management

Students who are interested in elevated and aerial imaging may be invited to enroll on projects within our own Aerial Filming Unit – Sky Pictures.

Training within this part of the Academy provides students with advanced creative skills on the planning and acquisition of imagery, but most importantly the technical and legal compliance required during the planning of a project.

Training Academy Placements

Placements for the Focus Training Academy are available via invitiation only from our registered list of Educational Establishments, and are currently reserved for students who area studying in the South Devon Region.

Previous Focus Students

Eliot Ely

Current Media Student at Kingsbridge Community College

During his time in the Academy, Eliot has been involved in the media acquisition of two extensive commercial projects showcasing the area of South Devon, as well as drone flight operations. His creative eye and technical photographic skills were pushed to capture a comprehensive set of still photographs for multiple use in many website and digital media products.

Anna Potgieter

Recent Media Student at Kingsbridge Community College

During her time in the Academy, Anna has been involved in most of the creative subjects as well as being involved in field operations and working on commercial projects. Her most ambitious and creative project was to assist in the production of the Dartmouth Museum Mayflower AV Exhibition and personally direct this project.

Anna graduated with a Distinction for her amazing achievements.

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