Focus Rewards CLub – Terms & Conditions

Focus Rewards CLub

Terms & Conditions

‘Focus Media Marketing Limited’ shall hereinafter be called the Company.

‘Person or Persons’ introducing business to the Company shall hereinafter be called the ‘Introducer’.

The ‘End User’ of the Services and Products shall hereinafter be call the Customer.

‘Services and Products’ being provided by the Company to the Customer shall hereinafter be called the ‘Services’.

Rewards shall be defined as Voucher Credits for Goods and or Services redeemable from various third parties from time to time.

Rewards will be made by the Company to the Introducer on qualifying business services and products which have been invoiced to the Customer and paid for in full prior to any release of vouchers to the Introducer.

The Company will close the submission period for each month on the 20th day of the month. The rewards will be credited to the Introducers account on or before the 10th of the following month, provided the customer to whom the Voucher Points have been applied to have paid their invoice in full.

Delivery of the Reward Vouchers will be via secure email and receipt and acceptance shall be deemed as settlement and in accordance with agreed and practical denominations of the chosen Voucher provider.

Each time an Introducer submits a referral, their details be recorded in a secure manner, which is fully GDPR compliant. The Introducer may ‘Opt Out’ at any time, whereby their personal details will be removed from our systems. No financial data is stored by the company as all rewards are made via a voucher system using our trusted voucher providers. Introducers are kept informed via email with periodic updates as to the progress of their referrals.

Rewards will be made only to the registered email address as submitted in the original referral.

Customer details held by the company will be held securely in a fully GDPR compliant manner and not disclosed to any third parties.

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