Meet the Team

Meet the dedicated and passionate team behind Focus.

Our Values

We believe in understanding the needs of our customers and providing the best solutions to meet their exact needs using the most cost-effective methods. Before starting a new project, we make an investment of time with our customers and their business to properly understand them and their requirements. Only then can we plan the best way forward to achieving the best quality products that achieve the right objectives.

This understanding forms the heart of everything we do when planning and aquiring what we need. Each project requires dedication, passion and flexibility, as often the process will evolve as fresh ideas are born. This is all part of a great collaboration with customers and our production team.

The Focus Team loves listening to customer ideas and planning projects with them before bringing their vision to life.

Meet the Team

Our great team all have their own specialist skillset within the Focus business, which is why everything we do is carried out in-house.

Josh Potgieter

Supports his favorite football team, Southampton, and loves a good curry. He has been known to make the coffee for the team on occasions.

Sarah Osbourne

Loves comedy and brightens up the studio with her recitals of sitcoms especially anything Python.

Alex Hart

A bit of an anorak when it comes to software and politics, and can always be bribed with a Mcdonald’s.

Aaron Staple

An amazing creator of visuals for our projects and customers’ work. Definitely the fittest member of our team – loves the gym.

Pete Clift

Our great friend from SA. Pete is a great cameraman and well respected in the world of wildlife filming. Makes his own Biltong, which quickly disappears in the studio.

Matt Rowe

Matt is our second fully qualified commercial Drone Pilot and is also a highly experienced cameraman. He loves Chinese food and real ales.

Michael Edwards

Our very own legal eagle who is a wizard at his craft and makes the tea more than anyone else. He loves Line of Duty and likes to think of himself as a bit of a ‘Ted Hastings’.

Duncan Jones

A keen guitarist who loves organic food and grows most of his own fruit and vegetables. We believe he would like to live on his own island somewhere.

Paul Potgieter

Last of a family line of pilots and has many stories to tell. Loves curry, anything spicy and real ales (another of his passions). Although retired, he likes to help out when we need him.

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