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Aerial photography has always been a great way of showcasing a great dynamic perspective to images and historically this was only possible using aircraft & helicopters. With the introduction of Drones (UAVs) equipped with cameras, the ability to capture stunning-looking images and video has become easier and much more affordable.

Our Aerial Photographic Unit, Sky Pictures, has a team of pilots and photographers specialising in aerial image capture, who between them have thousands of flying hours experience and spanning 45 years, and is fully licensed and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for aerial work operations for the use of Drones and Helicopters.



The introduction of Drones with high-quality cameras has revolutionised the aerial filming industry. Drones are quiet and have a zero carbon footprint, making them ideal for certain types of work. Photography and UHD 4K Video can be acquired at the same time, providing you with some amazing results. Our services are extensive and include Residential and Commercial Property sales photography, Building surveys, Special events and Weddings.

Our Drone pilot team are all licensed by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) for both Day and Night Operations.


Using helicopters provides considerable scope as a multiple-use camera platform. We can shoot both video and still images simultaneously in stunning UHD (Ultra High Definition) quality. We can fly over all types of terrain and water and apart from controlled airspace, we have the flexibility to fly virtually anywhere.  We also operate a standby scheme, where you can register your interest in a particular target to be photographed and we will schedule this as soon as possible, usually undertaken as part of another flight and this saves you money.

We are commercially approved by the CAA

Our Guide to Aerial Filming & Photography

Our Guide to Aerial Filming and Photography and been produced by our highly experienced team of pilots and what they have learned over their 45 years in the industry. This Guide gives you all the advantages and disadvantages of the types of methods of image capture, along with useful frequently asked questions and additional information to help you decide which method works for you.

We are passionate about our work and happy to provide you with any help you need to discuss your ideas without any pressure or commitment.

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